Household Waste Sorting Plant

Household Waste Sorting Plant Introduction

Guoxin household waste sorting plant is the integration of high technology, first-class design, perfect configuration and excellent performance. This is a large-scale waste sroting system with multiple functions that we can offer to those who want sort and recycle a large amount of municipal solid waste. Therefore, human will save large precious resources. 
Waste Sorting Plant

Working Process of Household Waste Sorting Plant

1. The forklift transports the rubbish to the feeding platform, and the hopper will take away the rubbish.
2. The garbage will be evenly distributed by the feeder, and then be evenly sent to the next process by the belt conveyor.
3. Workers will pick out the large waste (large branches, sticks, bricks, bottles, etc.) when the garbage goes through the manual sorting platform.
4. The rubbish will be separated by a rotating screening machine and will be sorted into two kinds of rubbishes. The first one is that the diameter is large than 50mm (the plug hole size is designed carefully according to the reality of garbage). These materials are mainly classified into bottles, plastic, shoe sole, and so on. The second one is less than 50mm undersized material which is metal. At the same time, the waste metal will be picked out by a strong magnetic separation machine.
5. The plastic will be packed by a baler machine; the heavy material will be directly sent to outside for landfill or be crushed to make bricks; we can pick out the useful material from the mixture material, then recycle them.

Whole Sorting Process-3D Model Demonstration
Whole Sorting Process-3D Model Demonstration

The whole household waste sorting system takes advantage of several advanced sorting methods, and just needs few people to operate. At the same time, the sorting rate is so high and don’t need workers to operate all the time in the municipal waste recycling plant.

Component of Household Waste Sorting Plant


Parameters of Household Waste Sorting System

The household waste management machines have different models, including GX-100, GX-200, GX-400. and their capacity ranges from 100 to 400T per day, which satisfies the different requirement of customers.
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Model GX-50 GX-100 GX-200 GX-300 GX-500
Raw materials Municipal solid waste, household waste, industrial waste, landfill waste and mining waste,construction and decorative waste,etc
Capacity 50T/D 100T/D 200T/D 300T/D 500T/D
Power 84KW 101.4KW 134.4KW 164.7KW 222KW
Equipment Area 1000㎡ 1200㎡ 1300㎡ 1500㎡ 1800㎡
Working time 8-10 hours 8-10 hours 8-10 hours 8-10 hours 8-10 hours
1,Box Feeding machine/Chain feeder
2,Bag breaker
3,Trommel screen
4,Air separation machine
5,2 sets manual sorting table(1 set for light materials,1 set for heavy materials)
6,Hydraulic baling machine
7,RDF machines line

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