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Wood Pallet Shredder

Wood Shredder Machine The wood pallet shredder is mainly used for shredding wooden floors, wooden pallets, tree stumps, waste wood furniture, and woods.

Length: 3m
Width: 1.3m
Height: 1.85m
Weight: 2.5t
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Introduction of Waste Pallet Shredder

Wood pallet shredder machine has been designed for a wide array of applications and industries, suitable for shredding solid material such as wood pallets, timber, pallets, wood crates, wood boxes, MDF, Chipboard, OSB, Hardwood, Softwood, Veneers (mixed with wood), Cardboards (mixed with wood), Logs, Pallets, Bark, Chipboards, Sawmill waste (wet or dry), Wood residue, Cap timber, Veneer, MDF boards, Bark, Solid Timber Waste and Demolition wood. etc.

Structure of Waste Wood Shredder

Waste wood shredder equipment is composed of frame, cutter head, blade part, power system, conveying system, and other parts. The tree technology shredding frame is welded with a high-strength steel plate, which is the supporting foundation of the whole equipment.
The wood material enters the inside of the shredding box through the feeding system. The shredding blade is carried on the board of the wood shredder. The pushing box pushes the material to the vicinity of the blade, and the material is torn, squeezed, and sheared It can be shredded into small pieces and discharged from the screen holes, which is very suitable for the crushing treatment of all kinds of waste and miscellaneous wood and other materials.
Electric wood shredder Commercial wood shredder
Heavy-duty wood shredder equipment can quickly shred waste wood and wood into 3~5cm, and the size can be determined according to user needs. When discharging, it can remove the nails in the separated waste construction wood and the hinges in the furniture.
Electric wood shredder equipment can complete wood shredding and metal separation at one time so that the recycled wood can be used well. It is a piece of ideal equipment for processing compressed plates and compressed pallets. the equipment is novel in design, easy to operate, low energy consumption, high output, and low noise.

Industrial Wood Pallet Shredder Machine Technical Features:

1. Our shredders can be employed as either a primary or secondary shredder and can be seen working anywhere from the waste management company to biofuel producers;
2. Dual shafted, slow-speed, high-torque waste shredder with hardened steel cutters;
3. The two cutting rotors powerfully grab the feed material, and no matter the feed material is a large piece of hard plastic or heavy tires, this machine can easily shred them into small pieces;
4. Double shaft shredder is able to process a number of different materials; shredder is designed with a powerful engine, long working length and aggressive input, Internal feeding volume bigger than traditional and common single shaft shredder machine and allow you using a forklift truck to feed.
5. Heavy structure: the frame and structure of our shredders are made of high-thickness sheets and tubular. Blades are manufactured from high-quality steel, suitable for shredding tough materials and for extra long life;
6. Depending on the requirement, these discs (blades) are available in a wide range of quantities, qualities and shapes with the new double-shaft shredder;
7. Any overloads caused by foreign material are sensed by the PLC controller and cause the shaft rotation to stop and reverse direction to clear the foreign matter, and then resume;
8. Cutters removal and replacement can be carried out safely and simply.
9. Our shredders Use a planetary reducer, not a traditional gearbox, and the planetary gearbox has the follow.

Scrap Wood Shredder Machine Parameters

Model GX800
Dimensions (length, width and height) (mm) 3000×1300×1850
Crushing cavity size (mm) 800×480
Blade diameter (mm) 200
Blade thickness (mm) 20
Number of blades (piece) 40
Power (kw) 15×2
Weight (kg) 2500
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