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Waste Plate Feeder

Waste plate feeder is a continuous feeding machine widely used for uniform and continuous feeding from storage bins to crushing, transportation.
Length: ≤10m
Width: 1000mm
Throughput: 435-853(t/h)
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Introduce to Waste Plate Feeder

Waste plate feeders are generally divided into three types: heavy-duty, medium-duty, and light-duty. Various types of apron feeders are divided into the right-type transmission and left-type transmission according to the transmission mode. In the direction of material movement, the transmission system on the right side of the machine is right-type transmission, and vice versa is the left-type transmission.

Working Principle of Plate Feeder

plate feeder machine
The high-strength bulldozer die-forged chain is used as the traction part. The two chains bypass the pair of drive sprockets installed at the head of the body and a pair of tension wheels at the rear of the body to form a closed loop.
The joints are equipped with overlapping, heavy-duty conveying troughs to become a continuous conveying line capable of carrying materials. Its own weight and material weight are supported by multiple rows of rollers, sprocket wheels, and slide beams installed on the machine body.
The transmission system is connected to the reducer via an AC variable frequency speed regulating motor, and then the expansion sleeve and the driving device are directly connected to drive the carrier mechanism to run at low speed.
The material discharged from the tail silo is transported along the conveying line to the front of the machine body for discharge, so as to achieve the purpose of continuous and uniform feeding to the working machinery below.

Application of Apron Feeder

The apron feeder is a continuous transport machine widely used in waste separation lines, mining, metallurgy, building materials, ports, coal and chemical industry, and mining enterprises. It is mainly used to continuously and uniformly supply and transfer various large heavy objects and abrasive bulk materials from storage bins or transfer funnels to crushers, batching devices, or transportation equipment.
It is one of the important and indispensable equipment in the process of ore and raw material processing and continuous production.

Characteristics of Waste Feeder Machine

apron feeder
① Most no-load start, basically no overload phenomenon, occasionally start with rated load, the receiving hopper has a maximum of 70t.
② Zero-speed start is required, and the speed range is 0~0.6 m/min. You can manually control the slow acceleration or deceleration. The speed of 0.3~0.5m/min is used more and runs stably;
③ The external load is basically stable in stable operation, and the impact is small;
④ The ambient temperature is relatively low and the dust is relatively large.

Parameters of Waste Plate Feeder Machine

Width(mm) 1000
Conveying length(m) ≤10m
Power(Kw) 5.5Kw
Transfer speed(m/s) 1.3-2.0
Throughput(t/d) 10-600

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