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Manual Sorting Platform

Manual Sorting Platform Manual waste sorting platform is an indispensable process in the garbage disposal equipment system, which can manually sort the large materials.
Platform size1200×13000 mm
Sorting platformTen-person
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Introduction of Manual Waste Sorting Platform

The manual sorting platform is an indispensable process in the waste management equipment system. The manual sorting station is mainly used for the parts of the garbage processing line that cannot be sorted by machinery and is generally used to sort out large interference before the trommel screen.
The sorting workers carry out garbage sorting operations in the spacious and bright sorting room. The sorting platform is equipped with good ventilation and air conditioning devices to ensure the sorting personnel operate in a good working environment.
Manual Waste Sorting Platform

Usage of Waste Manual Sorting Station

At the end of the feeding system, there is a manual sorting platform where workers will pick up the large solid wastes, such as quilts, tree trunks, long sticks, brick stones, etc.
In fact, we design a variety of manual sorting platforms in the whole waste sorting line, which can improve the separation rate and prolong the service life. After that, there is a bag breaker to tear the bags automatically to improve working efficiency.
Manual Waste Sorting Platform

Features of Manual Sorting Platform

1. Fresh air ventilation air conditioner: The fresh air ventilation systemis provided in the sorting room, which can provide fresh air, and can create sterilization and negative oxygen conditions. The air outlet of the fresh air ventilation system is set directly above each manual sorting station in the manual sorting room. This treatment effect will be more significant and the working environment of the operator will be better.
2. Manual sorting station: It can be set according to the actual situation. The sorting personnel stand at both ends of the belt conveyor, and the sorting personnel's back is away from the wall with a walking aisle; there is a funnel on the side of the artificial. Manually throw the sorted materials into the funnel, and fall into the lower layer of the double-layer sorting chamber through the funnel.
The lower layer can be equipped with a receiving trash box, so the fallen materials fall into this trash box. This design method increases the distance between the person and the sorted items, and largely avoids the influence of the odor emitted by the sorted items in the traditional design method on human health.
Manual Waste Sorting Platform
3. Sorting belt conveyor: There is a horizontal material transmission belt conveyor in the center of the sorting room, which is convenient for manual sorting; the width of the conveyor can be designed according to the processing volume and the average height of the operators. The width of the conveyor must not be too wide, otherwise, it will affect the sorting effect of the items.
4.Sorting room: Thermal insulation, spacious and bright, provide a comfortable working environment for sorting personnel. The room is equipped with a number of spacious and bright glass windows. In the sorting room where the personnel are too concentrated, at least two external doors are required. The sorting platform can be designed as a concrete structure or as a steel structure platform with anti-skid pattern plates laid on it. The design load-bearing requirements can bear the weight of conveyor equipment, sorting workers, and maintenance personnel,.
5. Material receiving layer of the sorting room: It is the bottom of the sorting room, and can be equipped with a garbage receiving container or other material receiving device.

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Parameter of Manual Sorting Platform

Model GX-B800  GX-B1200
Conveyor Weight material conveyor Light material conveyor
Dimension(mm) 800×10000 Dimension(mm) 1200×10000 
Power 4kw Power 7.5kw 
Sorting platform Four-person sorting satation Ten-person sorting satation
Dimension(mm) 800×8000 Dimension(mm) 1200×13000
Power 4kw Power 7.5kw 
Sorting conveyor Dimension(mm) 800×8000 Dimension(mm) 1200×13000
Working platform dimension 7000×1000×1000mm 12000×1000×1000mm
Bottomless trash can 4 10
Removable trash can 2 5

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